Heavy Duty Mechanical Float Valves

Envotec Equilibrium Float Valves E403 mechanical type is designed to control the level of water within a storage tank or reservoir. The modulation of the float valve is due to the fluctuation of water level in a storage tank or reservoir and then opening or closing the float valve in response to it.

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  • All bronze body construction
  • Brass connecting Stem
  • Injection-molded polyvinyl chloride float construction, resistant to sunlight deterioration
  • High-grade copper float. Firmly bonded overlapping joints (lead-free solder)
  • Adjustable thumbscrew to set the required water level in tank/reservoir
  • High tensile manganese bronze long/short arms
  • No jam single plunger action
  • Replaceable seals

  • Max. Working Pressure: 232 psi (16 bar)
  • Max. Working Temperature: 180°F (82.2°C)
End Connections 1/2″ – 1″ Male BSPT Threaded 11/4″ – 2″ Female BSPT Threaded

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