EMD Series

Butterfly Valves

Envotec EMD series bi-directional resilient seated butterfly valves designed to provide positive shut-off for liquids using soft back-seat as the seal ring can highly enhance its degree of finish and flexibility. Available in wafer, lug and double-flanged body design. Suitable for potable water, HVAC, irrigation in residential, commercial and industrial applications.

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  • Tight shutoff
  • Less fluid resistance achieved through smooth flow
  • Low-pressure drop
  • On-off or throttling applications
  • Suitable for automation with low operating torque and 90-degree operating angle
  • Reduced weight and installation space
  • No flange gasket
  • Quick fitting and dismantling
  • Easy replacement and renewable seat

  • Maximum Working Pressure: 16 Bar (230Psi) – 0~Dn600 10 Bar (145Psi) – Dn700~Dn900
  • Seat Tested At 1.1 Times Of M.W.P: 17.6 Bar (255Psi) – Dn40~Dn600 11 Bar (160Psi) – Dn700~Dn900
  • Shell Tested At 1.5 Times Of M.W.P: 24 Bar (348Psi) – Dn40~Dn600 15 Bar (218Psi) – Dn700~Dn900

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